the Proppian Fairy Tale Generator

Een erg leuke ontdekking uit Memo from the Story Department van Christopher Vogler en David McKenna: de Proppian fairy tale generator. De website in het boek was er niet meer, maar gelukkig was er nog zo'n way back machine. En Propp is een Russische sprookjesanalyseerder.

Ik koos de volgende "functions":
absention, complicity, lack, departure, struggle, branding, unrecognized arrival, wedding
en kreeg het volgende sprookje:

In the place where I live people wear soft leather bottomed shoes to glide over soil.  Our feet do not make a sound.  We show respect to those who fell to the floor during the wars of our times.
"What weighs you down will make you drown," he said with a loud crescent shaped grin.  I believed him.  I may have been a fool but with my head thrown asunder by the crashing tides of water I took off my shoes and bag and threw them across the stream on the other bank.
Inside my head lived a frightened little boy who nibbled at his nails whenever a strange man glanced at him.  I could not leave that fright alone.
The sun shone bright on my upturned face.  My eyelids closed, my mouth smiling, I let the heat seep into my every pore.  Walking towards the sun, away from my house, I couldn’t feel happier.
A foreigner stopped me on my rise toward the mountaintop.  He had one eye and loose skin that folded around his body like paper cloth.  Laid before him was a set of colored tablets and sticks.  "Stay for a game," he said to me.  "After you win your game with me I'll let you go on your way."
Forms circulated around my body on all sides and I could no longer breathe.  Lungs tight and waist constricted I watched as my skin turned into the color of soil.  I could no longer distinguish my body from the mountain's.
Before I entered my home my brothers came out, and, thinking I was a peddler, asked how much the jade I carried was worth.
I was offered a place in the palace, but I could not accept.  I wanted to be with the mountain; I felt it move under my skin as I knew part of me was in the mountain too.

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